Window Cleaning Waiver

Cancelation Poilicy

We ask that you give us a 48hr. notice when cancelling a service. If a service is cancelled less than 48hrs. before the scheduled time there will be a $20 cancellation fee. 

Everything we trust you know, but need to make sure we say.

LEWC is not responsible for preexisting damage. This includes, but is not limited to: scratches, broken seals, and damaged frames. Our crew members will clean everything they can and to the best of their knowledge within the limitations of the services you have requested. 

What is not included in your quote unless stated:

We will not complete any of the add-ons unless asked. If we come across stains, spores, hard water, etc. we will come to you and find out how you would like us to proceed. This is a list of the most common items and is not complete. 

  • Window Treatment Removal – Window treatment (blinds, drapes, etc.) removal is an additional charge and is not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Mullion Removal  Mullions are the artificial grids or window pane divides that need to be removed before cleaning.
  • "Shotgun" Spore Removal – Spores usually grow in mulch and they flower by shooting out and sticking to flat surfaces, including your windows. Their removal is an extra cost. 
  • Paint and Stain Removal – Paint and Stain Removal are additional charges and are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Inside of Skylights – The Inside of your Skylights need less frequent cleaning than the rest of your windows. The inside of your skylights are not included in your estimate unless otherwise specified.
  • Sill Cleaning – We will automatically wipe down the section of the sill that is visible when the window is closed. Sill cleaning, which includes the underside of the sash, is an additional charge. 
  • Hard Water Stains and Oxidation – Removing hard water stains and oxidation is not included in our pricing and will be an additional charge.